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Transforming Employee Engagement: Aligning Employee Aspirations with Corporate Objectives

By Dan Harrison, Ph.D.

Transforming Employee Engagement: Aligning Employee Aspirations with Corporate Objectives

Imagine a workplace where you consistently kindle the fire of employee engagement, where your workforce is as fervently dedicated to your organization's success as to their own personal pursuits.

Picture a realm where employees are genuinely cared for and remain loyal to your organization for decades, expanding the collective knowledge and skills that accelerate your competitive advantage.

Envision a corporate culture that is so appealing, it magnetically draws in the finest talent.
This isn't just a distant dream, it's attainable through a novel and groundbreaking approach to employee engagement, backed by state-of-the-art technology.

Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Engagement Surveys

Despite decades of employee engagement surveys hoping to uncover the secret recipe for increasing the discretionary effort of employees, the needle hasn't moved much.
According to Gallup's 2023 State of the Workplace Report, a mere 23% of employees globally felt engaged at work, and, a whopping 77% were either not fully engaged or actively disengaged.

These glaring figures are a wake-up call. It's time to rethink our understanding of what drives employees to strive for their organization's success.

The Engagement Paradigm Shift: Aligning Employee Goals with Organizational Aims

The Engagement Paradigm Shift: Aligning Employee Goals with Organizational Aims

Conventional wisdom suggests that employees are just there for the paycheck, but this couldn't be further from the truth.

Harrison Assessments global research reveals that employees have diverse employment goals. Astonishingly, pay is the top priority for only 3% of employees. Compare this to having development opportunities which is the top priority for 37% and having advancement which is the top priority for 24% of employees. Surprisingly, work-life balance is in third place, only a top priority for 10% of employees. Higher pay ranks only 15th out of the 20 factors which makes it imperative to discover each employee's driving goals.

The crux of the matter lies in personalizing our approach to engagement and focusing on what employees want and need. By understanding and addressing individual employee objectives, we can ignite the motivation that leads employees to put in discretionary effort for their employer.

The key is guiding employees on how they can simultaneously fulfill their own career and personal objectives while contributing to the organization's goals.

Revolutionizing Engagement with Personalized Technology

Harrison Assessments' online career fulfillment application is a game-changer. It puts the reins of engagement in the hands of the employees, guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

For instance, an employee with aspirations for advancement receives personalized coaching on behaviors that facilitate career progression. They explore a range of their behaviors related to the proven behaviors that create advancement. Then they develop and apply those proven behaviors in their organization.

Another employee may endeavor for increased autonomy. They learn the behaviors that can earn autonomy, explore their own tendencies related to those behaviors, and receive specific personalized actionable steps for development. Then they come prepared for a discussion with their manager.

Once workplace motivations are understood, conversations with managers become a breeze, as employees come prepared, saving managers' time and enabling productive discussions. Managers are also equipped with training to facilitate engagement with career fulfillment conversations.

This revolutionary process enables employees to become active agents of their own engagement, simultaneously fulfilling their employment goals and the organization's objectives.

Achieving an Engaged Work Culture

The goal of a fully engaged workforce is no longer elusive. With personalized engagement and the right technology, the journey becomes not just feasible but enjoyable too.

See how other companies have seen employee engagement positively impacted by Harrison Assessment tools. Try our free demo in which you or some of your employees can walk through their employee goals to experience the transformative power of personalized engagement.

About the Author

Dr. Dan Harrison, with a diverse background in Mathematics, Human Potential Psychology, Counseling Psychology, and Organizational Psychology, is the developer and CEO of Harrison Assessments and the originator of ParadoxTechnology. His 33 years of groundbreaking research and innovation have resulted in cutting-edge technology that fulfills strategic business needs.

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