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An Effective Hiring Process Attracts the Right People

An Effective Hiring Process Attracts the Right People

Jim Collins famously said, 'People are not your most important asset - the right people are.' In today's fiercely competitive business environment, where your company's fate hinges on the quality of your workforce, this insight is more critical than ever. How do you ensure you're attracting and retaining the right talent? The answer lies in an effective hiring process, empowered by the right tools.

To make both strategic and tactical talent decisions you need an effective hiring process and a tool specifically designed to address the challenge of finding the right people for your organization. A tool that ensures that you not only attract but also retain individuals who are the best fit for the specific job and for your company's culture and goals.

Tell me about Harrison Assessments

Harrison Assessments is a global talents analytics solution built around a comprehensive behavioral assessment tool that analyzes 175 factors including task preferences, interests, work environment preferences, and interpersonal preferences. It provides you with a deep understanding of an individual's suitability for a specific job based on their core behaviors and motivations. This detailed individual data can then be applied throughout the employee lifecycle for leadership development, employee experience, behavioral competencies, employee engagement and organizational analytics.

How Harrison Assessments Aligns with Jim Collins' Insights

Defining what Your Job Needs: This most important component of an effective hiring process is preparation. Thinking deeply about exactly what you need to get done and the types of behaviors a successful person would need to meet and exceed those expectations. This preparation around role clarity and measures of success is essential to getting the right people.

Identifying the Right People: Unlike traditional hiring processes that focus primarily on skills and experience, Harrison Assessments delves deeper into the intrinsic behavioral tendencies and work preferences of candidates. It measures individuals against research derived, customizable, job-specific behaviors that predict success in your organization. This ensures that the individuals you hire are not only capable but also genuinely aligned with the role and company culture.

Enhancing Employee Experience: Always keep in mind that the best people have multiple options. By understanding the personal values and expectations of each candidate, you can create an improved candidate experience. By better tailoring your discussions and company offerings to match what top talent seeks in an employer, significantly enhancing your attractiveness as a workplace.

Strategic Employee Retention: By matching job fit and aligning candidates' expectations with what your company offers, Harrison Assessments reduces the likelihood of expensive mismatches and early turnover. This strategic fit ensures that your hires are more satisfied and more likely to grow within the company, thus contributing to a great employee experience and long-term organizational success. This strategic approach to effective hiring processes can be seen in Bridgestone's integration with Harrison Assessments.

Securing a Bright Future for Your Organization

Creating an effective hiring process by incorporating Harrison Assessments directly addresses Jim Collins' principle of getting the "right people on the bus". It equips you to not just to efficiently fill positions, but to fill them with the right people who will drive your company forward. It not only enhances the way you understand and interact with potential hires and improves the quality and effectiveness of your recruitment efforts, but also provides you with key insights on employee expectations to engage and retain your people.

Ready to transform your hiring process with Harrison Assessments? Book a demo today and see firsthand how our tools can help you attract and retain the right talent to propel your business forward.

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